The Soft Side of a Surgery Office


SF Loft as Design Studio


The Atlas Building Lobby
  Salon Sunseri

The Soft Side of a Surgery Office

A physician’s office is a physician’s office, right? Not when the MD performs cosmetic surgery.

Similar to shopping for a non-essential purchase like a dress or fine jewelry, a patient considering an elective cosmetic procedure wants to feel good about their decision to go forward and undergo cosmetic surgery.

Designing the appropriate furnishings and finishes is also a delicate operation. The feeling of the interior can’t be too loud or showy. It must be elevated to a high enough level that shows an appreciation for fine details, yet be comfortable for all types of patients.

The materials used are classic but not stuffy. The rich monochromatic group of colors employed will stand up well over time. Thoughtful art and residential-type lighting finishes the thought, “I’ve come to the right place.”

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