The Soft Side of a Surgery Office

SF Loft as Design Studio


The Atlas Building Lobby
  Salon Sunseri

SF Loft as Design Studio

Lofts boast tall, unencumbered space. Herein lies the rub. Devoid of human-scaled embellishments, these places are nearly stone cold. Traditional architectural details would not work alongside massive concrete columns and over-sized awning windows. The solution? Standard materials used in unexpected ways.

Being an interior design studio there were lots of individual ceramic tiles in the sample library…thus a floor is born. With no pattern in mind this 40 square feet of rambling mosaic sets the flavor at the point of entry. Large swaths of colored metal mesh screen become sails to highlight the two-story high ceiling. Recycled ‘wiggle board’, the kind used to ship corrugated glass panels, becomes an entry counter used for the display of revolving artist’s work.

The budget was minimal – the impact was not.

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