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Lighting: The essential element in Interior Design

The most beautiful furniture and finishes in the world are wasted without the proper type of lighting. When we talk about lighting, it is almost always about man-made lighting, since it is important to light our surroundings for nighttime.

Lighting is both quite complex and deceivingly simple. Let's ignore the complex and leave that to the experts - who give us state-of-the-art interiors, exteriors and landscapes to gaze upon.

In interior spaces, simple relates to understanding the properties of light. Where does the light source come from and what is it illuminating? There are only three generic types of lighting as related to lighting design. Ambient light, also known as general illumination, lights rooms so we can see what is in them and so we can walk through them. Task light is as it sounds — lighting the function or activity, such as reading, cooking, sewing, shaving, etc. Accent light rounds out the group by highlighting certain objects such as art, sculpture, plants or a stone-textured fireplace façade. Having all three types of light in a space gives depth and dimension.

Well planned lighting will fully illuminate activity areas and also establish those "oh so romantic moods." Lighting defines spaces and if used properly can attract attention to a room's best features. In the same way, lighting can be used to disguise less than perfect rooms.

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