About Design Lab

Design Lab has been in operation since 1985 and is owned by Sherry Scott, providing interior design services, lighting design, and custom furniture designs. Design Lab has access to thousands of resources for products, contractors and artisans.

At Design Lab, we consider ourselves a part of your team and may work along with your contractor, architect or other consultant. Many times we are the ‘designated driver’ of your project, and coordinate all phases.

We offer flexibility in the type of payments that are rendered for our services. Many clients prefer a flat fee arrangement, but some choose the hourly rate. A ‘not-to-exceed’ flat rate is also available. Services are always provided with an option to purchase furnishings, but it is not required. Most clients do choose to purchase many of their furnishings through Design Lab; finding us a considerable value.

email : mail@sherryscott.com
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